Free Logic Puzzles

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Are you wanting to make your kids think? My students always loved logic puzzles and had a great sense of accomplishment when they finally found the solution. To get advice on teaching students how to solve logic puzzles, visit this link.

Once your kids get the hang of logic, puzzles make great centers, work for early finishers, home school, or just a fun and challenging reward for the students. Logic puzzles involve higher level or critical thinking skills and may be worked independently or in cooperative groups. Also, we all know the boy or girl in class who is brilliant, finishes everything early, and needs something to do, so here you go!

If you'd like a free logic puzzle to try out your students' skills, I have a lot at my store. 

Here is a great FREE puzzle for grades 3 - 6!

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Enjoy this puzzle for your K - 2 students!

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