One Practical Way to Provide Support for Decoding CVC Words

Monday, May 3, 2021
Do you have students who are constantly searching your classroom walls to find a picture that will help them figure out what sound a letter stands for so they can decode CVC words?

Do you realize how much time and energy they expend just to decode a single three-letter CVC word?

Think about how this disrupts the process of blending sounds to decode that word.

It’s likely you have a set of alphabet cards with letter-sound relationships posted on your wall. Perhaps, you have phonics posters easily viewed from your guided reading table.

I also used key word picture cards to teach, practice, and review letter-sound relationships. I even made folders with key word pictures for common vowel patterns that were handy to pull out during reading instruction. But still, so much work for some of my students.

So, why not give them what they need right at their fingertips? I created Blend to Read CVC Words with Key Word Pictures to do just that!

These word cards are designed to support beginning or struggling readers as they learn to decode CVC words in kindergarten and first grade.

This resource is ideal for those students who still require a key word picture to recall a letter name and/or its corresponding sound. 

It also provides a great springboard for beginning readers to make connections between letters, their corresponding sounds, and how to decode CVC words, with it all at their fingertips.

Use these cards as part of your direct phonics instruction in your small guided, intervention, and resource groups.

Try out a free sample to decide if this resource is a good fit for your students.

Click on the highlighted words to download this free sample, Blend to Read Short A Words with Key Word Pictures, directly from my TpT store or visit my website, Just Ask Judy, to learn more.